Center Overview

Center Overview

We have a solid network of board certified physicians and specialist with vast experience and training. Our staff consists of study coordinators, registered nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Lab Technicians, recruitment specialist, and an outstanding management/QA team.

At MB&V Medical Group, we take all phases of research seriously and responsibly. We ensure the integrity of source documents, regulatory files and CRF data.

Our success comes from placing emphasis on following the strict rules and regulations set by the FDA to provide sponsors with quality data that can withstand regulatory authority audits of any kind.

Our commitment to the highest standard of hospitality and subject safety has facilitated the daily growth of volunteers and helped in the realization of trial completion.

MB&V Medical Group, located in Doral, is a private multispecialty trial center and independent company.
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We stand out for our services

Leaders in research studies

professional care team

Extensive service facilities

specialists in different areas